Commercial cooking equipment you need to start your own restaurant

Restauranteurs’ biggest investment goes to their kitchen. Any great restaurant only has the best kitchen equipment to be able to thrive and compete in the industry. Investing in quality commercial cooking equipment ensures that your restaurant can prepare, cook, and sell food properly. If you are planning to open your own restaurant, it is best that you make your research first on the various commercial kitchen equipment Australia has to offer.

Amongst all commercial kitchen equipment Australia has today, it is the cooking equipment that is the most important to any commercial kitchen. However, deciding which cooking equipment you need can be difficult. That is why it is important that you plan your menu, then list down the cooking equipment that you will need.

To help you with what to purchase, here is a list of essential commercial cooking kitchen equipment your restaurant might need.

a. Oven

This cooking equipment is versatile and lets you do various sorts of cooking. You can bake, roast, or even braise with an oven. Most commercial kitchens have more than one oven because of its several uses.

b. Range

A cooking range can vary between electric and gas, depending on your preference. However, most kitchens prefer commercial cooktop gas ovens because they are more energy-efficient and economical. Their temperatures can also easily be controlled.

However, like any other products, commercial gas cooktops may also have its own set of drawbacks, including fire hazards and higher initial costs. It is necessary to have enough ventilation in your kitchen to get rid of hazardous fumes.

c. Deep fryer

Deep fryers are not only for fries, but for frying other types of food as well, including chicken.

Check out the different types of commercial deep fryer Brisbane has to offer to know which fryer will suit your restaurant’s needs.

d. Grill

Commercial grills provide a smoky flavour to your dishes. They allow you to make charbroiled burgers, steak, and many more. Opt to have those big grills to accommodate several separate servings in one cooking.

e. Griddle

This is similar to grills but has flat, metallic surfaces. It can also accommodate several separate servings at a time and can cook a variety of dishes, including pancakes, sandwich, and many more.

f. Salamander

This cooking equipment produces high heat that can be used to broil food, such as salmon, melt cheeses, toast bread, and many more. This is often used for doing some finishing touches on food.

h. Microwave oven

This type of is necessary for any busy commercial kitchen. It can instantly reheat food, thaw frozen food, heat up sauces, and many more.

g. Holding and proofing cabinet

This is not a cooking equipment, but it can be used for proofing bread and keeping cooked food warm until they are ready to serve. This equipment is important because it allows you to prepare food ahead and serve it warm to customers.

These are just some of the basic cooking equipment you might need in your commercial kitchen. However, there are still other pieces of equipment you would need for storage, food preparation, refrigeration, etc.

If you are in need of more cooking equipment, please check out the different commercial kitchen equipment Australia has today at