Starting a courier business

Among the easiest businesses to start today in large towns or cities is a courier company. For people who like driving and moving about, this is it. This is because the requirements are easy to assemble as all you need is a reliable means of transportation like a car or motorbike depending on mileage you intend to cover. Skills required also are minimal like good driving skills and basic math and English so that you can do paperwork and follow directions. Besides that, no formal qualifications are necessary when starting out in this kind of business. Personal attributes like good communication skills, reliability, honesty and ability to work unsupervised are, however, necessary to gain and maintain customers. Here are easy steps to starting one.

1. Have a spare room in your home where you will work as your office for paperwork and keeping files. You can also use it as your dispatch center.

2. Create a name for your small business and get a license, including a vendor’s license as it will be necessary for collecting sales tax from customers.

3. Identify the type of customers you would like to deliver your services to e.g. residential or business customers. It’s also important to identify the type of packages you will be picking up and delivering, including the weight limits.

4. Compare the rates of a competitive courier company on sizes, client types and mileage within your location to determine a good rate for your services.

5. it’s important to market your business so that you can get many clients. You can do this by starting a website and placing it on various search engines like Furthermore, create business cards and put your contact information, including website and phone numbers where people can contact you. Brochures, fliers, advertisements in the local magazines and use of social media platforms like Facebook are also very instrumental in marketing your business at a cheap cost.

6. Start procuring clients by visiting schools, hospitals and even small business and leaving them with your business cards and brochures. Convincing them why your services stand out over other large and known companies would also go a long way in getting your clients.

7. Start preparing for pickups and deliveries when customers begin to make calls. Also important is to maintain a record of all the pickups and deliveries made; just in case anything pops up related to your service delivery. Punctuality is pertinent when picking up or making deliveries; it keeps customers coming back.

8. As business expands you can hire other drivers, employ people to manage the phone calls and someone at a dispatch center to handle small deliveries while you focus your attention on signing the big fish like business corporate on long-term contracts.

What makes a courier company easy to start is the fact that it does not require formal qualification, requires minimal capital to start and only skill required is good driving record and a license. With those, you are good to start your own business.